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Group Therapy for PTSD and Addictions

The key principles of Seeking Safety.

 Safety is the overarching goal of this program.  We help clients work towards attaining a sense of safety in their relationships, thinking, behavior, and emotions. 

This is an integrated group that treats both trauma and addictions. Depending upon your need it can be used as part of your pre or post in-patient treatment program, a refresh of previously attended treatment or simply on its own.

Four content areas:  Cognitive-Behavioral, Interpersonal, Case Management. 

The model is highly flexible and adaptable across all gender identities; adults or adolescents; for any length of treatment; any level of care (e.g., outpatient, inpatient, residential); any type of trauma, any type of substance.


Clients do not have to meet formal criteria for PTSD or substance abuse-- it can be used as a general model to teach coping skills. Seeking Safety has been successfully implemented for many years across vulnerable populations including homeless, criminal justice, domestic violence, veterans and military, and others. It has been successfully used across all types of traumas and all types of addictions, and for those who may have problems in both areas (trauma/addiction) or just one or the other.

Additional information for clinicians and clients:

Support Group

Seeking Safety is highly flexible across a broad range of clients.

This group is 26 two-hour sessions, broken down into 13 weeks.  Every Tuesday and Thursday group members will focus on counteracting the impact of trauma and substance abuse. Additional skills development homework will be provided to help clients practice as well as reinforce learning.

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